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The Princes Trust helps change young lives. It gives practical and financial support, developing key workplace skills such as confidence and motivation. As well as being known for assisting people aged up to 30 get a helping hand to start a business, it also works with 14 to 30 year-olds who have struggled at school, have been in care, are long-term unemployed or have been in trouble with the law.

The Princes TrustLizzie, Lucy and Amy, from Harrogate, have all been homeless in the past and lived in foundation supported accommodation (accommodation for homeless young people). ‘We approached The Prince's Trust for a community cash award as we knew how difficult it is to move into supported accommodation with no possessions or friends.

We wanted to helpe young homeless people and give them the support they need,’ commented Lucy. The Prince's Trust awarded the team £2,000, allowing them to provide 100 welcome packs for new tenants at Foundation Housing which included essentials such as toiletries, cleaning products and a £5 ASDA voucher.

The team also put together useful information packs with important local contact details in. ‘We felt very strongly that to be able to clean round your new flat makes it feel like your own home,’ says Lucy. The Prince's Trust
‘These basic products are things that young people cannot afford when they move in as any spare money goes on food and the electric meter. We have also set up a “Buddy” scheme so a new tenant has someone they can turn to and won’t feel so lonely.'

‘The project will have an enormous impact on the young people, many who have been living on the streets and have nothing. The project is special because it is organised and provided by their peers who understand just what the new tenants are going through,’ Commented Pat Kydd project advisor.

‘We have all been long term unemployed due to past depression and illness and feel this project will give us focus and help us to kick start our lives and others,’ says Lucy.

Find out how The Trust can help you or for further information about The Prince’s Trust contact 0800 842 842 or visit

The Princes Trust.

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