Coach Qu
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Coach Qu recently featured on the popular TV show 'Gladiators'

Coach Qu Personal Fitness Training in Leeds West Yorkshire

Personal fitness training is for everyone - not just for the rich and famous. Many people benefit from having their own personal trainer to help them stay motivated and see real progress towards their fitness goals and a healthier lifestyle. If you are feeling tired, lethargic, lacking in energy, demotivated, or you are overweight or simply unfit, then you will benefit from personal fitness training - especially if you don't want to go to the gym, and feel the need to try a different and fresh approach to improving your health and fitness. We all hear so much about how important it is to exercise regularly, so what are the actual benefits of personal training? You will feel more energized and better in yourself.

As you start to feel fitter you will want to eat healthier food so losing weight becomes easier. As a personal fitness trainer based in Leeds, I provide one-to-one personal training to people in Leeds, Bradford and the surrounding areas. I will travel up to 20 miles to see a client if required. The fitness training takes place in the client's own home or workplace. Training may also take place outdoors in a local park or along the sea-front if power walking, jogging or running are required as part of an individual's training program (depending on the British weather of course!).

Coach Qu personal fitness training in Leeds West Yorkshire.

Coach Qu basketball coachCoach Qu and HOOPS coaching Basketball and Working with Children

I have had lots of questions from coaches and parents about coaching youth basketball and advice for coaching youngsters, let's say 1st through 6th grades... elementary school children. You are probably a parent-coach, a teacher-coach, a former basketball player, or just someone who likes kids and wants to help coach and work with a bunch of kids. You may be organizing a recreational league or a church league, or are developing a program at your elementary school.

Some of the kids may have played basketball and others have never played before. Many of the children are at HOOPS because they already love the game and some are there because of their friends. Others were urged by their parents to give it a try. The children’s parents will more than likely have varying perspectives. A few parents will think that you should win every game at whatever cost, and will be yelling advice from the sidelines. Some will be thankful and happy that their child is on your team. Some will be a little fearful that you may yell at their child, or that their child may not be a good player and will embarrass him or herself.

For more information on Coach Qu personal fitness training in Leeds West Yorkshire visit www.coachqu.co.uk

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