Phil Benjamin.
Best Chef In Leeds,
West Yorkshire ?

We recently interviewed someone who is possibly ' The best chef in Leeds '.
Phil Benjamin.

The Philly Benjamin 8oz Steak signature dish

Phil Benjamin started cooking at school at age 15. He went to Agnes Stewart Church of England High School, and that's where he learned the basics in Food Hygiene, Caribbean cooking and also conducted a study in convenience foods.

During his time in school he soon realised that his favourite subject was 'Food Technology', which he took very seriously.

After leaving school his Mother advised him to join the a catering agency (Leeds City Catering), where he secured his first job working as a comis chef in Leeds city centre.

Within two years he was able to progress onto a Michelin-Star Restaurant, which is also in Leeds.
Simon Gueller, who owns "The Box Tree" in Ilkley, is one of the best chefs in West Yorkshire. He began to train and supervise Phil Benjamin in January 1999. Phil was taught discipline, commitment, respect and the correct way to handle, prepare and present food. Simon also trained Phil in the art of baking and how to make delicious deserts, such as chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream, pyramids, lime sorbets, prune and cognac tart, cream brullees, marcapone brullees, chocolate sorbets, soufles and much more.

Phil Benjamin Zanzibar Exotic Cuisine, Philly Chicken and Avocado Italian StylePhil Benjamin Zanzibar Exotic Cuisine, Philly Smoked Duck and Rice

Delicious Dishes By Phil Benjamin

Phil Benjamin : Best chef in Leeds ?
While under the mentoring of Simon Gueller, Phil Benjamin became a great chef. Phil now realised that with the experience and confidence of being trained by a Michelin-star Chef such as Simon Gueller, his future would indeed be good.

Between 2002 and 2004 Phil also worked at the Radisson Hotel.
Although there was no head chef Phil performed the duties of sous chef, along with Cedric Lurienne and Kevin Cleary. They shared all the responsibilities and worked very hard.

Their efforts were rewarded when they received 'The Hotel Of The Year Award 2004' !

After two years at The Radisson Hotel, Phil moved on to the Park Plaza Hotel, where his duties involved running his own section plus training the young chefs who came from Thomas Danby College for work experience. This senior position helped Phil become a great manager, as his organisational skills always had to be at their best.

Phil Benjamin : Best chef in Leeds ?
In November 2005 Phil Benjamin moved to Jurys' Inn Hotel. As sous chef his duties involve managing a kitchen of four chefs and 2 kitchen porters, stock taking temperature control and making sure that all of the equipment is working properly and if at any time the head chef is absent, Phil must step into that role until the head chef returns.

Phil enjoys cooking and has the passion, desire and commitment to become one of the best and most prominent chefs of the new generation.

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